Bulk Voice Calls Providers

Bulk Voice Calls

Brihaspathi Technologies Provides a Best Bulk Voice Calls in India.  We are helpful you to reach your customers in the easiest and fastest way and with affordable price. We are providing all India members mobile and Landphone numbers databases.

Bulk SMS and Bulk Voice Calls are used for promoting business to Bulk Customers. We already saw the Bulk SMS usage and Benefits in the Previous Article. Here I Place detailed explanation about voice calls What are Bulk Voice Calls, what are the Usages we are contained through voice calls, What are the features we are contained through bulk Voice calls, and also what are the Seamless Connectivity Options available in Bulk Voice Calls.

What are Bulk Voice Calls?

For Communication Purpose we are using voice calls technology. The Bulk Voice Call Technology allows you to interact with your customers by calling their Landphone/mobile numbers anywhere in India with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated online system.

Bulk Voice Calls

For Processing Voice Calls we don’t need any specific person or dealers or callers because the bulk voice call is fully automated process. For processing bulk voice calls first setup your system with your contact list and pre-recorded messages after setup our system will start calling the customers and play your recorded voice message.

What are the Usages through Bulk Voice Calls?

Voice Calls are used for

  1. Sending event Notifications.
  2. Political campaign promotions.
  3. Emergency situations.
  4. Lead generation.
  5. Aadhar card registration.
  6. Aadhar card Reminders.
  7. Fund raising.
  8. Product promotions.
  9. New Announcement.
  10. Give Reminders like LIC & EMI.
  11. Holidays alerts.
  12. Sending Wishes.
  13. Meeting Scheduled time alerts.
  14. Medicine Expired alerts.
  15. Wake Up Calls.
  16. Voter Registrations.
  17. Voter Card Reminders.
  18. Service expired date.
  19. Offers announcement.
  20. Offers expired date alerts etc.

Bulk Voice calls usage are more the most beneficial fact in Bulk Voice Calls is it allows user to send the Voice Message in Multiple Languages Not only permit for One Language. Every customer satisfied with this benefit and interest to take bulk Voice Calls.

Bulk Voice Calls

What are the Features of Bulk Voice Calls?

Through bulk we are having more benefits not only for customer-wise also get benefit Money-wise. It takes less money and gives more benefit for us. Below I place some bulk voice features

  1. Having a facility to send Voice Message in our Own Language.
  2. Time saving process through call Scheduling.
  3. Dialing done automatically.
  4. Don’t need to pay monthly/yearly charges for using Voice Calls.
  5. Contacts Maintaining Facility.
  6. For sending bulk calls to bulk contacts we can create/manage Groups.
  7. Having a Facility to Upload Bulk Contact at a time.
  8. Text to voice converter are available.
  9. Don’t need any specific dialer for sending voice message.
  10. Using User friendly control panel.
  11. We are easily uploading all MP3/Wav Files.
  12. Using Fully Automated Processing system.
  13. Having DND and Non-DND Numbers Filtered Gateways.
  14. API codes for website/Software Integration.
  15. Processing 1000+ calls simultaneously.

What are the Seamless Connectivity options in Bulk Voice calls?

Web: Web based application is the easy and fastest way to send  voice calls everyone. We are easily handled this process. Simple take the login in web address through your user name and password and done the process.

Mobile Application: We are done bulk voice call process in Multiple Platforms. IOS, Windows, Android all are allow bulk voice calls to send right from your smart phones.

We also use other Applications like HTTP API, SIP, and FTP etc 


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